WorPress 2.1 Rap

WordPress 2.1 versiyonu için yapılan bir parça 🙂 ilginç. [via]
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I said give me WordPress
'cause I need WordPress
So I could get upgradin' version 2.1
Upgradin' to version 2.1

I liked the old one, stable and quickest that they could make it
But now with AJAX, tabs, and so much new stuff I could rake it
You can export so just in your chair and shake it
Ella is the new shit, there aint no way to fake it

You throw in privacy options and you and you never get a ping
Sittin on auto save means I'll never a lose a thing
The brand new login screen is so fresh and so clean
Uploading is so simple we should be paying some green
But Matt would never allow automattic it, aint mean
But if he did I would because you know I'm so keen

You think it slow man
Domas cleaned a ton man
Don't need a new spam plugin they've got one man
just go download the zip file and test it out some man
I promise and swear that it'll disappoint you none man

I said give me WordPress
cause I need WordPress
So I could get upgradin version 2.1
Upgrading to version 2.1
(To the song: “Air Force Ones” by Nelly)
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