WordPress blogunuz için güzel bir SEO eklentisi

Blogunzun arama motorlarında üst sıralarda çıkmasını istiyorsanız mutlaka SEO optimizasyonu yani arama motoru optimizasyonu denen iyileştirmeleri yapmalısınz. WordPress alt yapısını kulanan blogunuz için bu eklentiyi kullanarak basit ama kesinlikle şart olan SEO potimizasyonlarını kolayca yapmanız mümkün. Bu eklenti ile WordPress blogunuz SEO uyumlu olacaktır. Kullanmanızı tavsiye ederim.

Automatic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) out of the box for your WordPress blog …

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How to Rank Your Pages

If you want to get your pages to the top, these are some of the things you should do:

  • Use this plugin and write good meta descriptions and tweak your titles.
  • Read at least a couple thousands of posts on WebmasterWorld. This is how I started. Even if you don’t have the money to get access to the so called “supporters forum” it will pay off.
  • Read this book about SEO. I read its 300 pages in two days. I read it on my laptop in the train. I read it in my bed. I just couldn’t stop.

How to Use It

After installation, with the default options active, you only need to make sure:

  • Give your homepage a decent description (see Options -> All in One SEO).
  • “Tag” your posts with categories. Every category your post belongs to will become a META keyword.
  • Alternatively, use Ultimate Tag Warrior to tag your posts. The tags you define for your posts will automatically appear as meta keywords in All in One SEO Pack. It should work with UTW PI and Fin versions, it might work with other versions.
  • Use the description field. This will become the META description. This is very important since this can become the snippet in search engine results pages, that is the first thing users see of your page besides your title. So put effort into this!
  • If you don’t set the description field but there is an excerpt it will be used as meta description.
  • If you don’t use description field and don’t want to write excerpts, you can enable auto-generation in the Options panel. Writing your own description is highly recommended, see some points above.
  • If you don’t want your titles to rewritten, change this in Options -> All in One SEO.
  • Tweak your titles. If you give a post or page a title of its own this will be used independent of any other option. Titles are the second most important thing for ranking pages!
  • In addition to using your categories as META keywords you can define your own comma separated list of keywords. You can even disable categories as META keywords (see Options -> All in One SEO).
  • If something is unclear just ask. I’m constantly trying to improve the plugin and the documentation.