Muhteşem masa üstü görüntüleri

Müthiş bir fotoğraf galerisi gerçekten komple gezdim galeriyi bir at fotoğrafına bittim abi hemen aldım bilgisayarımın masa üstüne yapıştırdım 😉 dalın.

Buda yeni bir kaynak;

Exclusive Wallpapers Vecktor pack №2 HQ (1600×1200)

Exclusive Wallpapers Vecktor pack №2 HQ (1600×1200)


Bunlarda baska bir kaynak.

Smashing Magazine bizler için burada internette aramış, araştırmış en güzel wallpaperları bir araya toplamış. Daha öncede bu tarzda wallpaperları listelemişlerdi. [via]

In the third part of our collection you’ll find many different types of background images – beautiful wallpapers, devkits, Flickr pools, Widescreen and HD-monsters and even wallpapers-related social communites and wallpapers for gamers. [via]

c’t Wallpapers
Hundreds of computer-related wallpapers and full screen illustrations in 240×320 to 1600×1200. Penguins rock.

Wallpaper Duvar Kagidi

Amazing collection of high-quality wallpapers – sorted by categories, “box-packs” and authors – in high resolution. In Russian.

Wallpaper Duvar Kagidi

13 Fantastic Free Wallpaper Images

Wallpapers Flickr Pool
Over 20,000 various wallpapers — minimum 1024×768 resolution.

Hundreds of categorized wallpapers — RSS-feed is also available.

VladStudio Wallpapers
Artistic wallpapers designed by a young Russian designer and graphic artist.

Design Is… Pool
This Flickr pool “is only for geeky designer wallpapers made by designers for designers about design. Nothing else.” 240 images – designers’ statements – in different resolutions.

ArtLebedev Wallpapers and Posters
Dozens of wallpapers with an extensive use of whitespace. Some creative designs are also available.

Deep Blue Wallpaper Devkits
A .psd-devkit you can use for your own wallpaper designs (35 Mb). With this template you can develop wallpapers for both 30″ screen resolutions as well as dual screen setups – for those of you using two displays or a giant 30” Apple Cinema Display.

Another wallpaper devkit by Wolfgang Bartelme – Wallpaper Devkit 3.

The third Desktopography exhibition includes 40 amazing themes created by well-known graphic designers, illustrators and artists. The web-site itself isn’t that amazing – it is based on Flash and provides its visitors with background music. The latter actually fits to the themes of the wallpaper designs.

Mike Bonnell’s Wallpaper
The designer offers over 100 surreal and abstract images.

Gallery of Art
A growing gallery of wallpapers with “dark” themes — in various resolutions. The images are opening in pop-ups, so check whether your ad-blocker block them.

Vista Wallpaper
These wallpapers aren’t necessarily related to Microsoft’s operating system. However, the site offers beautiful themes – among them also nature-related wallpapers.

Looking for original Windows Vista Wallpapers? Here you go.

Offers every month a new theme with a calendar. Impressive, however the resolution is sometimes too small.

Unusual drawings as wallpapers in the 1600×1200 resolution.

Adobe CS3 Wallpaper
5 themes by Terry White.

Hundreds of wallpapers with themes from Japanese anime. In various resolutions. Registration is required.

Game-Related Wallpapers

Gamers Wallpapers Gallery
8620 games-related wallpapers, particularly huge wallpapers of cars. Most pictures are presented in high resolution, e.g. 1900×1200.

Hundreds of game-related wallpapers in the 1600×1200, 1280×1024, 1280×960 and 1024×768 resolution.

WoW – World of Warcraft Motive
So many elves, trolls and Warcraft creatures on one site — the choice is big, and so is the time you’ll need to find the perfect World of Warcraft-wallpaper for your desktop.

Widescreen (16:9) and HD Wallpapers

DMB – Dualmonitor Backgrounds
The specialist for huge wallpapers. Panorama views in 17 categories; among them Science-Fiction (Screenshot), Music, Microscopic, Industrial, Astronomy, Abstract, Animals, Mobile Technology, Nature, Computers.

The Widescreen Wallpapers Pool
A Flickr-pool with almost 450 widescreen wallpapers.

Screentreats: HD Wallpapers Blog
This weblog presents high-resolution widescreen wallpapers regularly. Resolutions: 3200×1200, 2650×1600, 1920×1080, 1280×720, 1920×1200 and more.

Social Wallpapering

Social Wallpapering
Wallpaper in Web 2.0. Users can upload, rate and share their images within the community. All images are uploaded anonymously. What about copyright?

Desktop Nexus
The project has the same concept. User produce content and share it with each other. The site has over 7000 wallpapers from various sources.