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Miss Emily Brown -The Diary Of Amy Briggs (video)

Daha önce şuradada Miss Emily Brown’un güzel bir parçasını paylaşmıştım sizlerle.

Bu kızlar cennetten gelmiş gibiler 🙂

A Story Told Well Presents:
Miss Emily Brown with “The Diary Of Amy Briggs”
In September 2009, we spent a day with Miss Emily Brown in Vancouver, BC as she cooled her heels between tours and recorded material for her upcoming release “In Technicolour”. A freshly-landed Hannah Epperson backs her up on violin, having just returned from a half year overseas in Berlin, Germany.
This song was recorded in a pathway near Main and 25th with the sun hanging low in the west.

Special thanks again to the lovely Ms. Erin Loechner of Design For Mankind (www.designformankind.com) for hand crafting the flowing script that makes up the titling for the piece.

More information about her music can be found at:
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