Google webmaster yardım grupları büyüyor

Google glabol bir şirket, her geçen gün hizmetlerini farklı dillere çeviren ve Türkiye gibi dünya üzerindeki ülkerde sevilen bir şirket. Google her geçen gün daha fazla enternasyonal olmayı istiyor ve bu yolda hızla ilerlediğini hepimiz görüyoruz.
Growing the Webmaster Help Groups Team

Dün Google Webmaster Central resmi blogunda okuduğuma göre Google webmaster yardım gruplarına bir kaç dil daha eklendi, bu dilerin arasında Türkçe de var. Türkçe dilinde Bahar hanım artık bizlere destek verecekmiş ve kendisi bize şöyle merhaba dedi;

Merhaba! I am Bahar and I am very happy about our brand new Turkish Webmaster Help Group. I will be helping out on any topics related to this new group. Having an engineering background, I’ve worked in different parts of the IT field as a C and C++ developer and now I work for Google in Dublin. It was quite a big change for me to move here, leaving sunny Istanbul behind. But it was very easy to get used to this new life since I have met really friendly people here who are very enthusiastic about the job they have been doing. You’re going to meet a couple of them as well when you keep reading further. Please do not hesitate to have a look at the group and drop your posts either to introduce yourselves or to discuss Webmaster related issues with me and hopefully soon many other helpful, open-minded members!
– Bahar