Fotoğraf blogları için en iyi temalar

Sadece fotoğrafların sergilendiği bloglara Photoblog deniyor. Photobloglar için kullanabileceğimiz en güzel temaları şurada bir eleman blogunda listlemiş, gerçtekten çok hoş temalar mevcut. Benim favorim Rebecca Weeks’in WordPress’in K2 temasını modifiye ederek yaptığı Nautilus theme.

1. Dolichocephale by Dolichocephale (Pixelpost)


Simple and clean, the Dolichoephale template for Pixelpost includes background photos in Photoshop and Gimp format for modification and a random image feature (which requires the “Random Image” addon).

Click to download Dolichocephale by Dolichocephale
Click to see a demonstration of Dolichocephale

2. 235 Skin by Ame235 (Pixelpost)


Ame235 created a very flexible Pixelpost template with fluid widths. This template also incorporates moo.fx for the groovy accordion effect.

Click to download 235 Skin by Ame235
Click to see a demonstration of 235 Skin

3. Nautilus by Marine Girl (WordPress K2)


Designed to take advantage of Flickr’s ‘blog this’ function (images hosted on Flickr), MarineGirl’s Nautilus photoblog theme for WordPress K2 can be used for manually uploading your images in the usual way. Nautilus is clearly elegant and simple. Of course, a photoblog with a WordPress K2 backbone enables you to use K2 features and Marine Girl has posted a useful guide to Photoblogging with K2.

Click to download Nautilus by MarineGirl
Click for more information on Nautilus

4. Polaroid by Taly (WordPress)


One of the first photoblog themes for WordPress, Polaroid by Taly remains a popular photoblog theme due to its ability to display photographs similar to the excellent polaroid format. Polaroid is also one of a series of WordPress photoblog themes by Taly.

Click to download Polaroid by Taly (also requires WP Paginate Plugin and Custom Query String Plugin)
Click for more information on Polaroid

5. Grain by Mac (WordPress)


Mac’s Grain photoblog theme for WordPress is fixed-width and pure class. The WordPress photoblog theme makes use of the Yet Another Photoblog plugin (which is included in the package for download). With beautiful and elegant backgrounds and borders, this theme has the capacity to make even my photographs look good.

Click to download Grain by Mac
Click for more information on Grain
Click to see demonstration of Grain

6. Simple Visions by Yovko Lambrev (Pixelpost)


Yovko Lambrev’s Simple Visions Pixelpost template places emphasis on the photograph while making the site look unmistakenly beautiful.

Click to download Simple Visions by Yovko Lambrev
Click to see demonstration of Simple Visions

7. Hinagata by Taichi Kaminogoya (Movable Type)


Unfortunately, a theme change using MovableType involves a little clicking although your efforts will be well rewarded with Taichi Kaminogoya’s Hinagata photoblog template for MovableType. The results are a simple, interesting and effective photoblog template using MovableType.

Click for directions to setting up Hinagata by Taichi Kaminogoya

8. Horizon by Cancerbox (Pixelpost)


Undoubtedly minimal but packed with style, Cancerbox’s Horizon template for Pixelpost is a no-fuss way to get your photoblog started. Horizon is sure to be versatile and complete, with a snazzy scroll-down information section (when you click on ’info & comments’).

Click to download Horizon by Cancerbox
Click to see demonstration of Horizon

9. Nishita by Brajeshwar (WordPress)


Elegance meets functionality with Brajeshwar’s Nishita photoblog theme for WordPress. A browse through the demonstration of Nishita will reveal a simple, sleek, minimal and easy to install and customise WordPress photoblog theme.

Click to download Nishita by Brajeshwar
Click for more information on Nishita
Click to see demonstration of Nishita

10. Widescreen by James Pratt (Textpattern)


James Pratt’s Widescreen theme for Textpattern has an immediate WOW factor about it and makes up for the paucity of photoblog themes for Textpattern. The ‘W’ may be due to the custom color field which allows you to pick a color from each photo and incorporate it into the design elements (lines and hover backgrounds) for that page. The ‘O’ may be from the LiveSearch feature which produces live thumbnail results in a semi-transparent overlay. Finally, the ‘W’ may be from the side captions and comment input form that is revealed when you scroll down and remains in a fixed position while scrolling. Together, James Pratt’s theme spells ‘WOW’ and guarantees that my sub-average photographs look sub-average in a fine looking photoblog.

Click to download Widescreen by James Pratt
Click for more information on Widescreen
Click to see demonstration of Widescreen
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